Design Thinking

What is design thinking? Design thinking is a process for creative problem solving.  Design thinking has a human-centered core. It encourages students to focus on the people/reasons they’re creating for, which leads to better products, services, and internal processes. We will be using the Launch Cycle framework to support the design thinking process. The Launch…

Fairy Garden building supplies needed

The CMS Makery Club would like to build some Fairy Gardens to place around the school. They have been working on some plans and are in need of the supplies and materials listed below. If you have anything you could donate, please drop them off in the office or in the Makerspace, Room 701. *…

6 Word Memoirs by 6th grade

As part of the Global Read Aloud project, the 4th – 6th grade read Amal Abound. When the project ended, it was time for special projects. Mrs. Rhodes’ class came in one day to do a Breakout. This involved solving logic problems and teamwork to open 5 different locks. One team got close and opened 4….

“Refugee” Artifacts

Mrs. Kasprowitz’s students participated in a special Global Read Aloud culminating project. Students worked in groups to create artifacts based on the story arc of one of the characters in the book. A map of the character’s journey was mounted on a board and a story arc created with copper tape was placed on top…

Come join the fun!

The Makery Club members have been hard at work designing and building their cardboard games for the Global Cardboard Challenge arcade. All students and adults are invited to come play games, win tickets and get prizes. Please come support the event and celebrate the creativity of the students!

Global Cardboard Challenge Event

The Makery Club will be hosting the 3rd Annual Global Cardboard Arcade on Thursday, October 4th during lunch. All students are invited to participate by either building a game to add to the arcade or come by to check out and play the games that are available to play. Parents are also invited to come…

Back to School Making

The Makerspace has been a busy place. Students have been tinkering, making and innovating.  To make sure the students have the supplies needed to keep their creative ideas flowing, please take a look at the Makerspace wishlist above and drop off anything you may have laying around the house.

Summer Break

 Hard to believe another school year has come and gone. Students tinkered, created, played and invented. Looking forward to continue those type of activities with students attending summer school. Just as during the regular school year, please take a look at the Makerspace wishlist. The more materials students have to work with, the more they…

Young Makers

Seven students, from Ormondale and Corte Madera, are set to showcase their school maker projects at the Maker Faire Bay Area.  The showcase is part of the Young Makers exhibit. Their showtime is on Sunday, May 20th, from 2:00 to 4:00pm. Projects being shown are: DIY water bazooka, DIY bicycle pump, movie, paintings, carved boat,…

Flex Fun

Finished off two weeks of special open makery time during Flex.  This was a special time set up to help relieve stress during the testing weeks. Students had the opportunity to enjoy non-tech activities. They drew, created sculptures with 3D pens and wire, made Mother’s Day gifts, and did some sewing.

Global Day of Design – Friday, May 4th

A design event inspiring students to create, make and build. Students are invited to come to the Makerspace during recess earlier in the week to get more information about the event or to research ideas of what to design.