No Flying Allowed

Today students are making something that fits the poem “No Flying Allowed”! And what a beautiful and amazing ideas do they have!

No Flying Allowed
by Liana Mahoney

Today I had to fly to school because I missed the bus.
I landed in the schoolyard and my teacher made a fuss.
She said that “Flying’s NOT allowed!” I asked, “Is that a rule?”
She nodded ‘YES’ emphatically. “NO FLYING ALLOWED AT SCHOOL!”

Soon all my friends were begging me to teach them how to fly.
First Sarah flew, then Seth flew, too – and both, with just one try!
The sky was full of flying kids ignoring all the rules.
They flapped their arms and soared like birds above the little school.

My teacher had a change of heart, and flew up in the air.
She laughed with glee, yelled, “Look at me!” and turned and flipped up there!
What happened then’s a legend. (My friends think I’m so cool!)
I had to tell my teacher, “NO FLYING ALLOWED AT SCHOOL!”

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