Next up for the Makery Club

At Wednesday’s meeting, the students learned about what we will be working on for pretty much the rest of the sessions. During each meeting, the time will be divided up between working on a Genius Hour Project, a Giving Hour Project and Free Time Hour. Depending on the day of the week, the amount of minutes for each will vary. The percentage of times are: Genius Hour – 50%, Giving Hour – 30% and Free Time Hour – 20%.

For the Genius Hour, students picked a project to work on that they are passionate about or wanted to learn more about. There are three parts to this project: 1) it needs to have a driving question, 2) it must involve research, and 3) the project must be shareable and recorded (pics, blog, website, video, etc.)

We had a great discussion about Giving Hour. The students gave suggestions for where help could be given. As they did, I typed them into Tagxedo. When all done, the words were organized into a heart shape. Some students may work together to make something for an organization, or hold a fundraiser, others may be creating some type of media presentation to build awareness. This can lead to another way to find a passion.

Free Time Hour is exactly what it sounds like. This is their time to explore what is in the Makery.


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