6 Word Memoirs by 6th grade

As part of the Global Read Aloud project, the 4th – 6th grade read Amal Abound. When the project ended, it was time for special projects. Mrs. Rhodes’ class came in one day to do a Breakout. This involved solving logic problems and teamwork to open 5 different locks. One team got close and opened 4. The next day, the same classes came in to write and tweet 6 Word Memoirs about Amal, the main character from the book.  A 6 Word Memoir is the capturing of a character’s experience or journey in a single, succinct sentence or group of phrases/words of only six words. After writing their 6 Word Memoir, they posted them on the Makerspace twitter account, including hashtags for the book, the Global Read Aloud projects and the author. Below are a few examples of student writings. They were very insightful. To read all of the memoirs, visit the Makerspace twitter account at, @CMSMakery

“Kindness gets you farther than hate.” AKLS

“Dreams may disappear, but I don’t.”

“For kings to fall, peasants sacrifice.” QM

“Perseverance will let her breathe free.” Z.Z.

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