Recess in space

Today I made some picture in the space during recess. It was a regular Friday and a regular recess. Students like the space and are happy to make. And that looks likes this ……………………….. (Yes, indeed full of happy students & full of energy :)).

Soccer game

Do you see the robots inside the field? They play soccer! Dash (the biggest blue one) goes into battle with Sphero (the ball with Lego equipment). And do you also see the cheering audience? Dot (the two small blue ones) are programmed to cheer.. Before we could play football students build the field, the Sphero…


This week some of the 4th graders will complete there first center. Students work three lessons at one of the themes. This week is the third lesson. The themes are: How to use the Cricut machine Play, explore & program the robots Make a thing with LED’s en recycled materials. Next week students go to…

New workbench

Thank you 5th graders for building the new workbench. During CMS Makery we use it for the sewing machine and that was really nice! The sewing machine has lots of nice sewing options.  Great to explore them!

Do something with an EGG

Last month we do a lot with plastic eggs. We made scuba divers, robots, rabbits, butterflies, cars, all with a plastic egg and recycled materials. And there is a playground for all the regular eggs. Here can you find some EGGsamples!