Stem Project: Lonely Bear

June 6th, 2016

Hi, and happy June! It’s our last week of school, and we are wrapping up the project! A lot of the groups are already done, and we’re excited to see the finished product! Let’s see what they’re up to.

Kayla & Julia
Cassia: So, what’s the final product?
Julia: We finished it, and it looks very good. We stripped and soldered it.
Cassia: Would you say that the project was a success?
Julia: Yes.
Cassia: Great! Nice job on the project!

It looks like everyone else is wrapping up their projects, too. Well, this has been a very successful project! Unfortunately, we have not heard from the daughter of Wally Davis. Oh, well. Hopefully she will reply soon! We will make sure to put it on the blog!

Catch you guys next time…

June 2nd, 2016

Hello from the CMS MakerSpace! Last class, we sent an email to the daughter of Wally Davis, the artist, and we are still waiting patiently for a response. We’re so excited to find out more about the bear! Now, let’s see what the groups are up to. Some of the groups have already finished!

Julia & Kayla
Cassia: Hi! What are you guys doing today?
Julia: We’re soldering our bear, Susan, today.
Cassia: How’s that going?
Julia: Good! We’re almost done.
Cassia: What will Susan look like when she’s done?
Kayla: She’ll be sort of fat, with a large head. Her legs are springs.
Cassia: Okay! We can’t wait to find out more about your friend!


Kyler & William
Cassia: What are you guys doing today?
Kyler: We’re immaturely procrastinating.
Cassia: Uh... What’s your iPhone doing?
Kyler: It is playing Clash of Clans.
Cassia: Okay... that’s nice, guys. Talk to you later. 


Cole & Arthur:
Maddie: How is your project coming along?
Cole: Done.
Maddie: Wow! Can I see it?
Arthur: Sure. It’s beautiful.
Maddie: Nice job guys! It looks great! 


Andreas & Kamran
Cassia: What are you doing?
Kamran: Soldering the fish.
Cassia: Are you almost done?
Kamran: Yes.
Cassia: What’s the fish going to look like when it’s done?
Kamran: It’s going to be red with gaps.
Cassia: Nice talking to you guys! 


Ben and Luke
Tali: How’s the rubix cube coming along?
Ben: Delicous.
Ms. Kep: It is very difficult to solder.
Tali: Are you guys almost done?
Ben: No.
Tali: Thanks, have a nice day!

We are almost done with the project!

Until next time….

May 31, 2016

Hello everyone! We’re back! Today the groups are beginning to solder the model of the bear’s friend. Cassia is going to contract the artist’s daughter to find out more about the bear. Stay tuned for more info!

Kayla & Julia:
Maddie: How is Susan coming along?
Julia: Terrible.
Maddie: That’s too bad. Well hope she turns out better! Good luck!

William & Kyler
Cassia: How’s your project coming along?
William: Good.
Cassia: What kind of apps does your iPhone friend use?
William: I decline to respond.
Cassia: Okay then. Nice talking to you and good luck!

Cole & Arthur
Cassia: So, how’s your project going?
Cole & Arthur: We finished. We thought it was very easy.
Cassia: What’s your final product like?
Cole & Arthur: His name his Clyde and he is a lizard. He saved the bear from a hunter by biting through the net the bear was caught in. Our story ends by the hunter dying because of starvation.
Cassia: Well, that’s depressing.
Cassia: Ok…. welll…..nice talking to you guys. It’s a very interesting friend!

Andreas & Kamran
Cassia: What stage of the project are you on?
Andreas & Kamran: The end stage.
Cassia: So, what things are you finishing up now?
Andreas & Kamran: We’re soldering our fish.
Cassia: Anything else?
Andreas & Kamran: Ponies taste great deep-fried.
Cassia: That’s interesting. Nice interviewing you. Good luck@

May 26th, 2016

And we’re back! Today we haves started making prototype of the bear’s friend. Some materials that people are using are wires, paper, and 3D pens. Stay updated for more pictures! Let’s talk with the groups:

Cole & Arthur:
Maddie: What type of friend are you making for the bear
Cole & Arthur: A panther and a lizard.
Maddie: What are you making them out of?
Cole & Arthur: Right now we are prototyping with pipe cleaners but we will make the real one out of metal.
Maddie: Cool! What are the panther and lizard’s stories?
Cole & Arthur: Billy bear (not Nellie) was one a walk, tired to kill a lizard, let the lizard go, and the lizard saved him.
Maddie: Thank you! We can’t wait to find out more!

Prototype of the lizard.

Kyler & William
Tali: What kind of friend are you making for the bear?
Kyler & William: We are making him an iPhone home, so he can talk to all his nonexistent friends and play Slither.
Tali: What is this iPhone’s backstory?
Kyler & William: Basically, it’s a cheap copy of the iPhone 3 made in China.
Tali: Your project is very creative! What are you making the prototype out of?
Kyler & William: The 3-D pen which is basically melted plastic.
Tali: Cool! Can’t wait to see where you go with this idea.


Kamran & Andreas
Cassia: So, who are you making for the bear’s friend?
Kamran & Andreas: We are making a fish.
Cassia: What is this fish like?
Kamran & Andreas: It’s a salmon, and it’s also pretty stupid.
Cassia: What’s it’s story?
Kamran & Andreas: Fishy the Fish liked bears. Most bears try to eat him, but he always escaped. One bear didn’t try to eat him. Afterwards they became friends. The fish trusted the bear. One day, the bear backstabbed the fish and tried to eat the fishy. He managed to eat part of Fishy’s tail. Then they decided to become friends again because Fishy let the bear eat his tail.
Cassia: Okay, thanks! This is a really interesting friend.


Kayla, Julia, & Brook (who now has rainbow hair) have found lots of information about Nellie (or Billy) see below for information!

Prototype with pipe cleaners.


Kayla, Julia, & Brook:
Maddie: How’s Susan coming along?
Kayla, Julia, & Brook: Good. We need to hot glue her to a piece of cardboard.
Maddie: Sound great!
Kayla, Julia, & Brook: We just sent you information on the history of Nellie.
Maddie: Great! I’ll be sure to put it on the website.
Here it is :

“It’s a California grizzly.  I think it was done by a local artist.  It was installed on the left side of the front lawn, sort of in what I think is now the guest parking area.  I’m thinking the timing was 1976 or  1977, the first time grades 4-5 moved from Ormondale to CMS which became a 4,5,6 campus.  I remember all of the classes sitting on the lawn when the statue was dedicated.  When the plans for the late nineties CMS construction were made we insisted that the bear be relocated.  They might want to check in the Town Archives or with N.L. or R.”


“It was donated by a local artist.  His name is Wally Davis.  I contacted my friend M. and she gave me lots of info.  I called his daughter and she will call me back. She lives across from the school!”

Ben and Luke:
Tali: Can you remind us again of what your friend of your bear is again?
Ben and Luke: Just a plain Rubix cube. Nothing special about him. Well, he is kinda retarded
Tali: Oh, umm, yeah. What are you making your prototype out of?
Ben and Luke: Pipe cleaners.
Tali: That’s great. We are excited to find out what you are going to do!


After interviewing the groups, we decided to do some research on Wallace “Wally” Davis, the artist of the well-known bear sculpture. Davis has a daughter named Kristine Davis Taylor, who we hopefully will be hearing from soon. He also had a wife named Lucille “Lu” Davis, who unfortunately passed away. Both Lu and Wally were artists and raised their children in Portola Valley. Wally unfortunately passed away, but only after creating many popular Portola Valley sculptures that locals treasure and love, such as the Triangle Park deer and the Corte Madera bear.


Thanks for checking in with the Friend of the Bear project. Stay tuned for more info and be careful with pipe cleaners! Until next time…



May 24th, 2016

Hello again! Today in the makerspace we are continuing to create a friend for the bear. The groups are going to sketch their ideas for the bear’s friend and write a story about it. Let’s see what’s happening with the groups!

Kayla, Brook, and Julia:
Maddie & Tali: What kind of friend are you making for the bear?
Kayla, Brook, & Julia: A girlfriend named Susan.
Maddie & Tali: That’s great! What’s their story?
Kayla, Brooke, & Julia: Well, once upon a time there was a young bear named Susan. She made a bunch of turtlenecks made out of wheat. One day she traveled to Portola Valley and saw a very handsome bear named Nellie. She fell in love with him and would like to move to the Portola Valley middle school too be with him forever.
Maddie & Tali: Wow! How cute! What is Susan going to look like?
Kayla, Brook, & Julia: She is metal and like navy blue turtlenecks and wear a bow. She also likes yogurt.
Maddie &Tali: Sounds great! Can’t wait to find out more about Susan and Nellie!

Ben & Luke:
Maddie & Tali: Hi guys! What kind of friend are you going to make for the Corte Madera bear?
Ben & Luke: We are going to make a guitar.
Maddie & Tali: What’s the guitar’s story?
Ben & Luke: The bear’s old guitar broke so we are making a new one.
Maddie & Tali: Wow. Can you tell us what it looks like?
Ben & Luke: Black curly hair, short cornrows, button top, and a backwards hat and gold chains, adidas hightops, and a raiders jacket. It’s purple, and a collared shirt with only the top button buttoned and a white shirt underneath. It’s really just a rubix cube. But keep the clothes.
Maddie & Tali: That’s great. This is certainly going to be an interesting creation.


May 20th, 2016

Hello from the CMS makery! We are Tali, Maddie, & Cassia, blogging to you about an exciting new project: finding a friend for the bear outside of the maker space. Our goal is to create a soldered scale model of the bear’s new friend. There are 5 groups all designing different ideas. We also are going to figure out the bear’s story, how he was built, why he was built, and who built him, etc… Stay tuned for more info!

So far two groups have returned from their research about the bear:

  • Kayla & Julia:. They found that the bear was made in the 70s by a local Portola Valley artist. It originally was near the teachers’ lounge. In 2001, it was moved to it’s current location (right outside the makers’ space) due to renovation. It is composed of metal and Julia can fit inside it!
  • Ben & Luke: They found that the length 80 inches, height is 37 inches, and the width is 28 inches.

Upcoming Events:

  • Interviews
  • Pictures

Maddie, Tali, & Cassia!