MakerSpace Lunch Creativity

Imaginations are always flowing at the workbenches. It’s amazing what they can do with glue sticks and “STUFF”. Today, there was a storage tower being made out of plastic baskets. For the last few days, a group has been working on a town, complete with a mayor.

SAM Lab lesson for Makery Club

The Makery Club enjoyed a special lesson yesterday. David Weiss, from SAM Labs, came into to do an intro lesson for the new SAM Lab sets recently purchased for the MakerSpace. SAM Labs is a collection of wireless blocks that are programmed through a computer or iPad app. Students built a car to start with…

Genius Hour

We are a couple weeks into our Genius Hour projects. The club members have all decided on a special project and are working on plans or creating. Examples of what they are working on: building a birdhouse, programming a game, building with Legos, creating a special environmental boat, taking apart a laptop, even creating a…

Next up for the Makery Club

At Wednesday’s meeting, the students learned about what we will be working on for pretty much the rest of the sessions. During each meeting, the time will be divided up between working on a Genius Hour Project, a Giving Hour Project and Free Time Hour. Depending on the day of the week, the amount of…

Jack-0-Lanterns all finished

Club members finished the decorating of the jack-o-lanterns today at club. Candles were inserted where needed. Imaginations soared and smiles were abundant! Pumpkins will be placed in various rooms around the school.

Makery Club Pumpkin Carving, Day One

During Makery Club yesterday, the goal was to get their team’s pumpkin gutted and carved. Next club day will come adding lights, decorations, or whatever else needed to create a Jack-0-Lantern. Can’t wait to see how they turn out.

Lunch in the Makerspace

It is so fun to watch the creativity come out in so many different ways. In the photo below a couple of boys are putting a poem together with magnetic words, a group of boys are having their own user studies for a game created by a peer, and a group of girls worked together…

Special guest at Makery Club

What a treat to have Helena’s dad, Tiburcio, come talk to the club about 3D printers on October 5th. He brought a collection of different models, shared a slide show on how a 3D printer works, took one apart so they could see the parts, and told them how they could make their own. The…

Makery Club 3D Models, Coding and Circuits

There was a lot of tinkering at the Makery Club on October 3. To help learn how a 3D printer works, students created 3D cardboard models of a UFO. The students cut the pieces out using templates made from an Autodesk program. The program takes an item and creates templates of layers, just like a…

Global Cardboard Challenge Event

On Friday, September 30th, we celebrated the Global Cardboard Challenge by setting up a cardboard arcade in the MUR for all students to play at lunch. Students created games out of cardboard and other recycled materials. The inspiration for the event came from Cain’s Arcade, (see video). This amazing boy made a cardboard arcade in…

Updated Wish List

Creativity is alive in the MakerSpace! Today at lunch, students were starting 3D printing projects, doing Magic Tricks, tinkering, dancing, and making Halloween costumes. Please check out the MakerSpace wish list located at the top of the page. Donations of supplies is greatly appreciated. @cmsmakery  

International Dot Day celebration!

Happy International Dot Day! For the past couple of weeks, classes have been coming to the MakerSpace to hear the story, “The Dot” and think about how the can “make their mark” in the world. Then they put together a Draw Bot that would draw circles and created 3D dots. #DotDay!